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Open Source
Permissively licensed tools for Lua and general C/C++ development.

Download Options

Three installer packages for different needs

Lua 5.3 Installer

Lua Only

Rev 1809a

900 KB Download
Includes LuaFilesystem
Includes Sol 3 C++17 bindings


WinLua Installer


Complete Toolchain

Rev 2004b

162 MB Download (525 MB Installed)
Lua 5.3 + LuaRocks
C/C++ Toolchain


LibreSSL Installer

OpenSSL for Windows


2.2 MB Download
Complete Encryption Toolkit


Toolchain Features


MSI Installers
Winlua MSI installers set up PATH and other variables for you. Once installed, open powershell and type lua. The Lua 5.3 Interpreter Only package contains LuaFileSystem for your convenience.
The LuaRocks Package Manager gives you access to hundreds of high quality lua modules called rocks. LuaRocks is completely integrated with the other WinLua tools.
WinLua Compiler (WLC)
WLC is a modern, complete C/C++ compiler based on the LLVM-MinGW project by Martin Storsjö. WLC means you no longer need a 20 GB Visual Studio download to build C modules.
Sol 3
WinLua includes the Sol 3 C++17 bindings. Sol 3 is a fast, header only library that gives you access to lua using modern template based tools.
The OP_HALT patch improves debugging when using the DevCat Studios Lua Debugger through Visual Studio Code.
LibreSSL is a fork of the OpenSSL encryption package that focuses on secure, high quality code and modern encryption features.
JamPlus Build System
JamPlus is a fully capable build system with bindings for Lua. Write your build scripts in the same language as your code.